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Personal Training

Need a little extra help with your fitness?  Why not ask your local KAL Sports Centre about our personal trainers.  All our personal trainers are Level 3 qualified and are there to help motivate clients by setting goals and working with them to achieve their goals.

Many people begin with a personal trainer to achieve a specific goal, examples include:

  • New mums wishing to get their pre-pregnancy body back
  • Preparing for a wedding or big event or party
  • Taking part in marathons or other challenges
  • Recovering from a recent illness, operation or injury.

Personal trainers look at your whole lifestyle, they are not just about taking you through your paces in the gym. They help you with nutritional advice, keeping more active outside the gym, sleep patterns and healthy habits, such as reducing your alcohol intake.

Although all gym users have instructors and programmes to follow, you will work harder with a personal trainer. You feel more confident knowing you are doing the exercises correctly and more effectively. Also a personal trainer can see any problems arising, for instance if you are working one side of your body more than the other, and take steps to address that.

Most people have at least six weekly hour-long sessions, but some use one each time they train several times per week. You can train on your own or why not have group training with a friend or group of friends to spread the cost.

Everyone goes to the gym or exercises for a reason and they don't always achieve what they wanted to, if they have a personal trainer, they are guaranteed results.

Personal training is available in all 11 of our centres. 

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