What to expect on your first trip to the gym

Starting a new fitness routine and attending a gym can be a daunting prospect for anyone, but at KAL we want to make this as easy for you as possible. Here a few things we hope will help:

Don’t be nervous!

Everyone in the gym had to start somewhere. Remember people in the gym or a fitness class are generally concentrating on what they are doing and therefore not paying attention to what you are doing, so relax.

Be realistic

It can be tempting to let your enthusiasm run away with you when you start a new fitness routine and decide you are going to go to the gym every day and look like Arnie in 4 weeks’ time.

Whilst enthusiasm is great, it is better to be realistic about your goals. Are you really going to want to go to the gym every day? Chances are you might want to fit in things like seeing friends and sleeping!

Also bear in mind that you are probably going to be sore for a few days after a workout so build in rest days to allow you to recover and come back stronger.

Even if you only manage 10 minutes on your first visit then that is 10 minutes more than you did yesterday and you are lapping everyone sat on the couch!

What to pack

Here are a few things we always take with us:

  • A water bottle – it is important to keep hydrated. Experts recommend a litre for every hour of exercise you do
  • A sweat towel
  • Shower kit including a towel
  • A locker token – you can buy these at your centre if you don’t have one
  • If you’re going from work don’t forget your trainers! You’d be surprised how many times we at KAL HQ have had to do an emergency trainer whip round on a lunch break
  • Headphones
  • If you’re an early bird and going before work don’t forget your underwear…again, you’d be surprised!

Invite a friend

There are loads of studies that show the benefits of working out with a friend. Even if it is just someone to giggle at when you get the moves wrong in a fitness class, bring them along.

Download our app

Last but not least why not download our app so you can book all your favourite fitness classes, check pool and group exercise timetables and be notified of exclusive member offers!

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