Moving Mums

Moving Mums is for women in pregnancy or new mums looking to take part in activity.


There are three levels of support KAL can offer you:


  • Activities for everyone which are our usual products that are readily available, but not specific to pregnant or postnatal women. These are for people who have been active previously and want to remain active.
  • Specialist Activities are instructor lead, specific to pre/postnatal exercise, and have a reduced capacity for better exercise prescription. The sessions vary from aerobic and strength classes to holistic classes to maintain mobility throughout pregnancy and build core strength.
  • One to One Activities are even more personalised with options to train with our pre/postnatal Personal Trainers (at an additional cost) or attend a drop in sessions to ask questions about exercise during pregnancy or returning postnatally.


You can attend Moving Mums from any stage of pregnancy up until your baby is 12 months old.


Women must be 6+ weeks following vaginal birth and 12+ weeks from caesarean section to take part in Moving Mums activities.


KAL want women to stay active during and after pregnancy, and Moving Mums is flexible, with no course bookings or minimum attendance, simply come and join us as often as you like.


Activities for everyone


You can access all of the following through your existing KAL membership. Simply turn up, & go at your own pace;


Aqua relax - Special pool sessions with low lighting & calming music.


Group Exercise ClassesOur group exercise instructors can offer adaptations during a class so you can continue to, safely, take part. Just pop over & let them know at the start of the class. We recommend this for mums that have been exercising pre-pregnancy & some of the classes include:





Aqua Fit/ Aqua Med



Relaxation/Meditation sessions – You can do these at home using YourKAL On Demand via the KAL App


10 free swims* - These are available for pregnant women & new mums at any KAL swimming pool**


Gym - If you don’t want to join in with a class, no problem. You can hop on a bike or a treadmill, or use any of our strength machines or functional equipment.


*Not available while COVID-19 restrictions are in place.

**Once Maternity Exemption Card has been shown


Specialist activities


We also have some more specialist classes that are run by our qualified pre and postnatal exercise specialists*. Take a look at our timetable & you can find a bit more information about each session below:


Pregnancy Fit - Aerobic and strength class, specifically for prenatal women.


Active Mums - Aerobic fitness class for postnatal women, with the option of bringing baby along, up until crawling age.


YourKAL Pregnancy Workouts - A selection of bodyweight and strength workouts available on demand via the KAL app.


Pregnancy Pilates & Yoga - Classes designed for your changing body, to help you stay strong and move well throughout pregnancy.


Postnatal Pilates - Specific exercises to support your recovery and build up your core strength. Babies are welcome up until crawling age.


Buggy Movers - Outdoor exercise class with babies in buggies. It’s a great way to improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness with a mix of group exercises.


*Please get the all clear to exercise from your medical professional.


Check our timetable for availability & then book your session via the KAL app.


One to one activities


Personal Trainers -  Having someone there for every workout to provide motivation, direction and to keep you exercising safely can greatly improve how often you exercise, as well as how much you enjoy it. 


Moving Mums Q&A Sessions


Call in to speak to a pre and postnatal exercise specialist and set activity goals, ask any questions and find out what’s on at your local centre.


Bring a friend for free!


If you have a friend who is also, either a new mum or expecting & you would like to bring them along to a session simply pop into your local centre & ask for a leaflet, which will include a Bring a Friend voucher.


You will also find a specifically designed beginner’s gym workout, you could try.


Complete a referral form


In order to participat in Moving Mums you will need to self refer via this form.


Moving Mums FAQ’s


How soon after having a baby can I take part in any Moving Mums session?

Everybody is different; therefore you must be cleared by a medical professional (midwife/doctor/nurse) before taking part in any exercise postpartum. Once this is confirmed, you can attend from 6 weeks+ for vaginal birth, and 12 weeks+ for c-section birth. This is included in the booking comments of each class.


I’m a new mum; can I bring my baby with me? Yes, in all of our postnatal sessions you have the option of bringing your baby along. They must be next to you in your workout space and be under crawling age.


I’m pregnant and unsure if I should exercise or which activities to book? Please attend one of our Moving Mums drop-in sessions to ask any questions you like, 1-1 with our pre and postnatal exercise specialists. These occur on a Friday 9:00-9:30am at Huddersfield Leisure Centre. Alternatively, you can request a call from the team via email


How much do the Moving Mums sessions cost? All activities other than 1-1 Personal Training are as part of a KAL membership. Flexi card holders and non-members are subject to usual exercise class and activity costs.


How long can I attend post-partum for? The instructor will assess participants individually and encourage them to move on to KAL’s Fitness Timetable from the Moving Mums session when they think you are ready. Maximum attendance period would be up to one year after the birth of your child.


What can I bring to keep my baby occupied while I exercise? Bring a minimal number of toys, all of which stay within your workout space. Refrain from bringing toys that may roll into other people's workout space. If you would like to bring a seat/bouncer for your child, that would also be allowed.


What does the Buggy Movers class entail? The class takes place on Leeds Road Sports Complex track, and mums will use the space to walk/jog with their buggies, as well as perform set exercises such as lunges, squats, press ups and use light weights or resistance bands. All sessions take place outside, but a small seating area inside can be used at any time for refuge or feeding babies. Babies can attend up until 12 months of age.


Can I feed my baby during the class? Yes, there will be some chairs available in the room for feeding, and you can feed before, during or after the supported activities classes. We allocate at least 15 minutes after the session has finished before any other group needs to enter, so you can gather your belongings or feed.


What happens if I need to leave the class because my child won’t settle? If you leave up to 15 minutes after the class start time, a manager can authorise a voucher for your next paid session and offer to book you on to the following weeks class. If you leave after 15 minutes, unfortunately the voucher will not be available.


Will an instructor take me through the gym workout? No, the workout card is designed for you to take with you to the gym, and follow the exercises set. If you are unsure how to perform one of them, an instructor can show you how it’s done upon request.



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