Fitness Myth Busting with Craig Simpson

As part of our 6 week fitness campaign Craig Simpson, a Personal trainer with KAL, will be dispelling common fitness myths.

Week 1 – will doing sit ups give me abs?

Do you covet other people’s 6 packs and then wonder why no matter how many sits ups you do yours doesn’t quite seem to be as good? Craig might have the answer

Week 2 – will lifting weights make you bulky?

We’ve all heard the comments in the gym that if you don’t want to bulk up you should avoid lifting weights, but is that really the case Craig?

Week 3 – Balancing Calories

We’ve all heard it and maybe even said it; ‘I am going to have this cake, I did do a run this morning so it’s fine’ but is it true that just because we have done some exercise we can reward-eat whatever we want?

Week 4 – Supplements

If you have been in any supermarket or local shop lately you will have noticed everything has added protein! But is it all necessary?  

We look forward to seeing you next week!

For more information about Craig & to contact him for Personal Training you can visit his website and for information about how you can get a 6 week KAL Fitness Membership for £30 click here


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