KAL Newsletter - Week 6 - Fitness

We’re going to start this week by looking at the Front Squat.


This is a resistance exercise that works several major muscle groups and can enhance your core strength & improve flexibility which will help you build powerful thighs, a stronger lower back and firm abdominal muscles.


In a perfect world you would use a barbell, sandbag or kettlebell. However, in these current circumstances anything you can hold at chest height that will add a bit of resistance will be fine.


Exercise technique:


Hold the weight at chest height – if you are using a barbell, rest it against your shoulders

Once the weight is in position , bend your knees & perform a squat whilst keeping your chest elevated

Your knees & feet should be shoulder-width apart

Aim to lower your hips so your thighs are parallel to the floor

Pause at the bottom of the squat, then drive through your heels up to a standing position.


For more information on squat technique and variations have a look at this video from Personal Trainer Craig Simpson.


Here’s what happened last week


We had another week full of home workouts for you to try, here are some of them;


Resistance band workout ideas with Personal Trainer, Craig Simpson

An early Yoga session with Jules

Relax and restore Pliates with Laura

We revisited HIIT Abs with Georgina

And we ended where we started with Craig Simpson and a resistance band workout which you could incorporate into a pull session.


What’s coming this week?


7 Days of Sweat with The Body Coach

Pilates with Michele - & details how you can help her raise money for NHS Charities Together

A resistance band workout which focuses on the legs, with PT Craig Simpson

Pilates with Jane

A core workout with Steph

The final Sunday Zen in the series with Jules


We hope you enjoy this week’s workouts and as always, you can find the full virtual timetable here

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