KAL Newsletter - Week 10 - Fitness

The benefits of a strong core


We all know we ‘should’ be working on our core strength but it is still one of the most neglected parts of our workouts. While we’ve not got access to the gym and therefore the range of equipment we would normally have, this could be the perfect time to give your core strength the attention it deserves.


Here are some of the benefits:


Improvements to your balance & stability


We use our core muscles to keep us stable whether that’s in the gym or just in our everyday life. If you experience lower back pain, this can be a sign that your core is not as strong as it could be. By training your core you are training your pelvic, lower back, hip and abdominal muscles to all work together.


You can train your core just using your own bodyweight


This could be music to your ears at the moment, if you have minimal or no equipment at home. Basically any exercise that means you’re using your abdominal and back muscles together is a core exercise.


More specific core exercises you may be familiar with are a plank, sit-up’s and bridge. You can find a great series of Pilates videos from our Group Fitness Instructor Jane as well as a short core workout from Steph, if you need some inspiration.


They can help tone your tum


Although it’s important to remember they won’t do this alone. Core exercises will strengthen and tone the underlying muscle but you will still need to do other exercise to burn fat if you want an instagramable 6 pack.


It will make it easier to do most physical activity


This includes low intensity activity such as walking but is crucial for weight training, running, playing golf etc.


A strong core will also help with your posture, so if you normally work at a desk all day or, currently, the kitchen table good posture will make sure you’re sat in the right position and therefore you will have less neck, shoulder, lower back discomfort.


They will support you to reach your fitness goals


A strong core will make all your other exercises more efficient and therefore you will get a greater benefit from them, so this may mean you can run farther or lift heavier – whatever those goals may be.


It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey, it’s never too late to make training your core a feature in your workout!


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